SafeCatch Foods (Graphic Design)

Safe Catch Foods is a canned tuna startup company with the lowest levels of mercury in its contents. Their audience demographics ranged from pregnant mothers, to body-building athletes. This product is safe and nutritious for anyone to consume. When hired onto the team as a graphic designer, the company was starting out and trying to get their brand up and running.


  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Ad Design
  • E-News Image Design
  • Photography

The Challenge

SafeCatch needed help pushing their product out through brochures, posters, trade show booths, social media, etc. to spread brand awareness. The packaging design for the cans had been considerably the most challenging design task. There was a lot of polarizing design feedback from various people, and had the most amount of rounds of feedback. With a lot of information that everyone felt was important to provide on the cans, however the designs quickly became cluttered and busy with copy, graphics, and color gradients.


My role as the only graphic designer working for SafeCatch was to help carry on this new brand by creating new elements and guidelines for them. I also had to work on collateral and digital creative for them to use. This ranged from designing new can packaging, convention banners, newsletter graphics, social media graphics, one-sheeters, post cards, etc. 

With direction coming from many cooks in the kitchen, it was important for me to fine-tune all the information of why this company stood out from their competitors, and how the price matched the quality of their product. Everyone wanted the bells and whistles of a fancy design, but it started to look unpolished.


For the can design, it became clear that it would help to strip all design treatments from the packaging and just focus on the copy they wanted to include first. Without all the decorative designs, we focused on what was necessary to provide as content, and what we could leave out. Once that was finalized, we made each can design their own color while still adhering to the brand. 

Many of the other designs that were used as collateral were for one-time use, but there were many that were to be built and added onto (recipe books, one-sheeters, brand guidelines).


With all the marketing outreach and partnerships with various athletes and influencers, SafeCatch became a big hit on the shelves at local Bay Area grocery stores. Now you can find their product at bigger chain grocery stores like Whole Foods and Safeway. 


Deal with ambiguity. More often than not, you’ll have more than one boss (even if that’s not the case on paper) that will have various ideas for a design. Take their feedback into consideration, but ultimately it’s important to remember that your design decisions should come from a very grounded and knowledgeable place. I could have saved many rounds of feedback if I followed up with management explaining why I thought certain decisions should be advised against.