SafeCatch Foods (Graphic Design)

Safe Catch Foods is a canned tuna startup company with the lowest levels of mercury in its contents. Their audience demographics ranged from pregnant mothers, to body-building athletes. This product was safe and nutritious for anyone to consume. When hired onto the team as a graphic design contractor, the company was still starting out and trying to get their brand up and running. They had just barely gotten an approved logo designed.

The Challenge

As the designer on the team, SafeCatch needed help pushing their product out through brochures, posters, trade show booths, social media, etc. to spread brand awareness. I helped with designing all these assets and helping the marketing team push them out to print or digitally. Now the company's product is shelved at grocery stores nationwide and they have expanded their product beyond the three they started with.

My Contributions

  • Packaging Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Ad Design
  • E-News Image Design
  • Photography


My role as the only graphic designer working for them was to help carry on this new brand by helping create new elements and guidelines for them. I also had to work on collateral and digital creative for them to use. This ranged from designingnew can packaging, convention banners, newsletter graphics, social media graphics, one-sheeters, postcards, the list goes on. With direction coming from many cooks in the kitchen, it was important for me to fine-tune all the information of why this company stood out from their competitors, and how the price matched the quality of their product.