The Wagner Hotel (Responsive Website Design / UX)

The Wagner Hotel is a new luxury hotel in Manhattan’s “new downtown”, Battery Park. The new management team needed a website built quickly with little brand guidance or available assets.

The Challenge

Following a quick property visit for the art director at 300FeetOut, I worked as part of the core team to quickly to create an immersive digital experience for this luxury property. We had a 4 week timeline to plan out the site structure, wireframe, design, develop, and QA. In that timeframe I was part of the core team from beginning to completion, making sure that this mobile-first website was working and looking great without any issue for users to view rooms and book.


  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Site QA
  • Content Production
  • Accessibility Design


As part of the UX/UI team of designers, it was my responsibility to work in collaboration with design and development in less than 4 weeks to build a functioning site all on a platform that can be managed in-house by the hotel. When designing, I had to keep in mind the core hierarchy for navigation on the site, and what the property wanted to focus their attention the most on for the type of audience they were targeting in order to get bookings. Providing the blueprint in sitemaps and wireframes, I was able to help target and pinpoint the functionality needs that were ideal for the hotel to feature.


After many phone calls with development to make sure what we were creating would be effective, the structure of the site had been created and needed to be skinned and populated with content. My role in this phase was to make sure that the website had the same look and feel as the rest of the brand to maintain consistency.

Another challenge to overcome was to ensure that the design decisions for styling a site holds accessibility in mind as well. With a lot of light colors in the Wagner’s palette, it was important to make CTAs and typography stand out without being too difficult to notice or read.

Content Production

Since the launch of the site, we continue to upkeep it each month with regular maintenance. Often I am tasked with making sure that the social media feed and blogs are posted, as well as updating certain pages each month with SEO recommendations to the page titles and meta data.