Social Media Graphics / Digital Advertising
Work done in collaborative efforts at 300FeetOut. All imagery provided/owned by 300FeetOut.
Project Overview
NURX is a startup company that provides accessible birth control and PrEP via delivery.

A contact at NURX reached out to me seeking assistance in generating social media graphics for their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After meeting with the only other designer at the company, I contracted with them during the summer to help provide visuals for different campaigns that they ran on a weekly basis. Many of these graphics ranged from political commentary to U.S. statistics regarding birth control.

The awareness of information being shared through these graphics had spread through the following media outlets:

  • Nasty Woman Starter Kit (used in Forbes, Good Magazine, and Bustle articles)
  • Valentine’s Day / Alternative Facts (used in HelloGiggles article)
  • Alternative Facts (used in Fast Company, VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, Affinity Magazine, and Bustle articles)
  • 30 images of Quotes / Testimonials for social media
    • Images of quotes used in story by WSET-TV ABC 13
  • Women’s Health Images
    • Michelle Obama
    • Rep Tom Price
    • Unplanned Pregnancy Graphics for Each State
    • Indiana - used by WRTV-TV in Indianapolis
    • North Carolina - used by WCCB-TV in Charlotte
    • Texas - used by TechCrunch

My Contributions
• Graphic Design
• Ad Campaign