Alohilani Resort (Responsive Website Design / UX)

Alohilani is a fresh perspective on resorts in Waikiki. Formerly known as Pacific Beach Hotel, Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach has undergone extensive renovations and an ambitious rebranding.

Work done in collaborative efforts at 300FeetOut. All imagery provided/owned by 300FeetOut.

The Challenge

Along with a new brand, they needed a new website to reflect all the amenities and features that they offer at the property. I was involved with the team to design and develop a website that not only highlighted their amenities, but also translated their perspective on an authentic experience through a digital format. We had to make sure all the information architecture made sense for a website holding so much information for a resort. We had to list 5 restaurants, all the amenities, room types (ADA included), events, etc. to help highlight why Alohliani was such a destination point.

My Contributions

  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Site QA
  • Content Production
  • Accessibility Design


When working on development with creating a strong website for the property, one of the big ideas we wanted to venture into was featuring movement through video capability. I worked on designing components for development to create on the website that allowed the hotel to showcase all that it has to offer; from constant press and blog posts, to big events and special packages. It went through several iterations before we were able to land on a dynamic homepage for desktop and mobile that the client was happy about.