Kailua Moon Boutique (Website Template Design)

Kailua Moon Boutique is a sister store to Hula Moon Boutique that just opened in 2019. They take pride in providing quality clothing and accessories that suit women of any body type. With the extension of this new shop, they needed to create a digital platform for it as well as updating both boutique sites to feature e-commerce as a shopping option.

  • Wireframes
  • Template Design
  • Domain Setup
  • Content Production
  • E-Commerce Strategy

The Challenge

Since Hula Moon Boutique already had an online presence, we had to match the sister store with it. They also wanted to make sure after launching the site that we included an e-commerce page for users to purchase items digitally. Since they lived in Hawaii, outreach isn't always accessible to people other than locals or those visiting.


I had several phone calls with the owners of the stores to get an idea of their business goals: 

  • Develop web presence
  • Showcase personal styling services
  • E-Commerce to be added
  • Easy to manage content/inventory

As part of the research I put together a competitive set of various websites that were local competitors as well as ones that KMB aspired to be. This helped with giving the website the look and structure it needed for users to navigate in an effective way.

With inspiration and a competitive analysis put together, I built out a wireframe for the homepage to work cohesively for visitors by providing content that gave a quick read.

Iteration of homepage wireframe


Due to the effects of COVID-19, e-commerce became a wider conversation. The client needed this alternative method of selling products in order to continue pushing their business sales during the island’s shelter-in-place and closed off tourism.

I worked with the client in getting all the necessary content needed for inventory, and to better identify how to build out categories, the appropriate tags, and any additional product details.

QA was necessary to run through regarding the shopping experience: CTAs needed to be customized to be clear and easy to locate, payment needed to be set up, and the mobile shopping experience was reconfigured to make the user flow much simpler.


Once all the information was decided, I found a template that could work with the brand, and built out the site on Squarespace. The final design had a clean and airy look with elegant thin type, supported by a strong structure that showed off their social proof, services, location, and eventually products.

I built out the product pages and populated all the categories, pricing, sizes, and images. On sign-off approval, I provided the correct documentation so they could manage the site on their end.


About a week after launching the site and pushing it live to the public, Kailua Moon Boutique quickly started receiving online purchases for their products. 


After launching, there was some feedback from users regarding mobile purchasing at first, but have since been adjusted for easier access to their shopping cart. There is also value in understanding all your options for online payments, and what works best for your business; initially the client thought Square was better for their POS, but further inspection showed Stripe was a better alternative.