Cofactor Genomics (Branding/UX)

Cofactor is a next-generation genomics company focused on RNA-sequencing and RNA diagnostics. Their work with the largest life-sciences and pharmaceutical companies in the world has resulted in Cofactor developing unique technologies and software that use RNA to inform disease. With the goal of selling this as a product to their clients, the company needed to create new user paths to help guide them to the purchase points.


• Lead Designer on Project
• UX Propositions
• UI Design
• Oversight on Graphic Design
• Brand Guideline Build
• Content Production

The Challenge

Instead of recreating the content architecture and UX for both the services and product purchases, Cofactor contacted the team I work with to assist in creating a UX path on the existing site to launch in short order. The client had 3 primary targeted users, and it was essential for us to make sure each path was easy for them to navigate to the purchase points.


The client provided us insights regarding their business goals before starting:

At the time, visitors on the website were:
70% academics new to RNA-sequencing
20%  clinical researchers
10%  press/investors

The goal of updating the UX of the website was to help increase the clinical research audience while still providing information and services to the other two personas.


I went through all the current collateral and assets the company had to make sure we had everything we needed to curate a clear brand.


In order to improve the customer experience on the website, we went through and audited the current navigation and user flow of the pre-existing site. We found the information to be confusing and overwhelming, and wanted to make sure we streamlined content in an easy-to-read, digestible manner. 

User Flow

Customer journey maps and user flows were iterated as potential proposals to an updated site within the team until we were able to settle on the best strategy.

Customer Journey Map



Collaborating with the design team, I created a brand style guide that would not only aid us in adjusting their website, but also be a resource for Cofactor’s internal use to help make all assets and design elements consistent as a brand.


Our recommendations were implemented through creating new pages that highlighted the product. We also worked closely with the client on other new pages as their business goals shifted. My role as the primary designer on these tasks required me to sit in on meetings, and to wireframe out  pages that aligned with the client needs. Once approved, I built out the pages and populated them with the content provided by the client.


After thoroughly investigating, designing, and reiterating the customer’s user path and customer experience, we were able to create a much more intuitive flow for users on the site to access and purchase the correct services and tool kits necessary. The company has since been extremely happy with our results for making them look like a more serious company to their audience, and has continued to work with us on future projects and tasks.


This had been the first project I was involved with where I was able to work and strategize with customer journey maps and user/task flows. It’s become a very essential exercise that I feel strongly benefits understanding how to best approach a company’s business goals and its users.