Cofactor Genomics (Branding/UX)

Cofactor is a next-generation genomics company focused on RNA-sequencing and RNA diagnostics. Their work with the largest life-sciences and pharmaceutical companies in the world has resulted in Cofactor developing unique technologies and software that use RNA to inform disease. With the goal of selling this as a product to their clients, the company needed to create new user paths to help guide them to the purchase points.

The Challenge

Instead of recreating the content architecture and UX for both the services and product purchases, Cofactor contacted the team I work with to assist in creating this UX path on the existing site to launch in short order. Since we began, I have started working 1:1 with the client, creating roadmap infographics, new user flows, overseeing animations, and designing wireframes and brand layers for new site pages to help make the experience more fluid for their 3 targeted users.


  • Lead Designer on Project
  • UX Propositions
  • UI Design
  • Oversight on Graphic Design
  • Brand Guideline Build
  • Content Production


In order to have a base to go off of, it was important for us to create a consistent brand foundation for Cofactor. It was my responsibility to go through all the current collateral the company had, and to make sure what they currently had was consistent with what was on their website, social media, and any future collateral that they would have rolling out.

With instruction by my art director, I created a brand style guide that would not only aid us in adjusting their website, but also to be a resource for their internal use. The style guide features logo usage, proposed color/typography, a visual guide for photography, and type hierarchy for web use.


With the brand foundation set up for us, I then moved forward with helping create a better visual understanding of the user path and character journey map that was researched to present to the client. These items were key in showing the how and why our design decisions were made. With the user’s and the client’s best interest in mind with reaching the purchase point of the new product, we wanted to create a path that was simple to reach and with minimal clicks, while still providing all necessary information.

Our recommendations were implemented through creating new pages that highlighted the product. We also worked closely with the client on other new pages as their business goals shifted. My role as the primary designer on these tasks required me to sit in on meetings, and to wireframe out new pages that aligned with the client needs. Once approved, I built out the pages and populated them with the content provided by the client.

Cofactor has been a client with 300FeetOut for over 2 years now. Since we started, I became close to the project and responsible for handling most of the tasks they provided us with. Many range from new pages to be designed or updated from older/boring ones, overseeing animations and iconography to be implemented digitally, and executing infographics from concept to finish.